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Everything about a VVL certificate

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Colleagues working in construction and the industrial sector often have to move (heavy) goods. This includes securing and hoisting materials. Heavy or light, high or low: at our employment agency and our clients ‘safety first’ is the most important motto. That is why a VVL certificate is mandatory for many temporary workers. But what exactly does VVL stand for? Or how do you obtain this piece of paper? In this blog we answer questions about the VVL certificate.

What is a VVL certificate?

VVL is a Dutch abbreviation that stands for safely moving loads (Veilig Verplaatsen van Lasten). A VVL certificate is a diploma that shows that you can load and move goods professionally and safely. This certificate is valid for 5 years.

What can you do with a VVL certificate?

With this certificate you can work in construction, the industrial sector or at a shipyard as a rigger, crane operator or lifting supervisor. But also in other functions you will have to deal with securing and moving goods and tools in a safe way. With a VVL certificate you can handle different lifting tools, you know which rules these materials must comply with and you communicate clearly with your colleagues. In this way we limit the number of (lifting) accidents together. In addition to a VVL certificate, you can get your VVL-H (for manually operated lifting tools) or the BVL certificate (guiding of moving loads) in construction or the industrial sector.

How old do you have to be for a VVL certificate?

The minimum age for obtaining your certificate is 18 years. Are you younger than that? It is possible to obtain your VVL from the age of 16, if you already have a basic qualification.

How do you get a VVL certificate?

You get a VVL by following a course and can get this certificate in 1 day. In this course you will learn the theory that is important in your work. You will learn how much weight certain cranes can handle, how you should distribute this weight safely and what dangers and risks you should take into account. You also practice communication, arm and hand gestures and working with a lifting plan. At the end of the course you take a theoretical and practical exam. Then you can load and move materials safely!

Is it difficult to get a VVL certificate?

How difficult it is to obtain this certificate differs per person. The training consists of a theoretical and practical part. Some find it easy to learn the theory, but find it difficult to operate lifting equipment without experience. Others pick up this part quickly, but of course have to pass the theory part of the course just as well.

What does the certificate cost?

The price of a VVL course depends on where you follow the course exactly. For example, the costs for a beginner are higher than for someone who takes a refresher course. At Concreeto we are happy to help you with these costs. Together with your future employer, we look at what you need for your dream job.

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