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Frequently asked questions

Concreeto offers temporary workers not words, but jobs in logistics, transportation, cleaning, engineering and horticulture. Here are some frequently asked questions listed. Do you have another question? We’d love to help you! Please feel free to contact us.

Work through Concreeto Employment Agency

Concreeto is a Rotterdam-based staffing agency where creating a relationship of trust with partners and temporary workers is key.

Concreeto helps people looking for work find jobs! We specialize in engineering, construction, logistics, cleaning and shipbuilding. Curious about how we do that? Then read all about it here our approach.

A temp agency is an intermediary agency between companies and people looking for work. Temp agencies bring these parties together. For example, a staffing agency helps people find jobs and employers find new staff.

Concreeto’s office is located in the center of Rotterdam. Because of this location, we often have vacancies in the Rotterdam region, the port and the randstad.

Our address:

Hoogstraat 32A

3011 PR Rotterdam

You can apply on the Vacancies of Concreeto apply by clicking the green button at a job posting! You then enter your name, e-mail address and phone number. You can also attach your resume.

You can also apply by emailing to Would you rather call? Then contact us at 010 – 72 00 720.

After the initial contact, we will contact you. We invite you to an introductory interview. Is it a match? Then you can interview directly with a client. If there’s a good connection, you’ll have a new job! If not, we will look further in our network. We’ll help you get to work quickly.

Do you find applying for a job stressful or difficult? If so, read the 10 best application tips from Concreeto.

Concreeto’s resume tool makes it easy to create your own resume online! You fill in the boxes, check the terms and conditions for agreement and click “Download resume.

Yes! Concreeto has all kinds of job openings. Are you looking for a job in Rotterdam? Then check out our vacancies page. You can also contact us directly. In that case, mail to or call 010 – 72 00 720.

What you earn at a temp agency varies by job. Some jobs are for a short time and with others you have a chance of being taken over by the client a permanent contract. Wondering what you will earn at a Concreeto job? Get in touch with us!

At Concreeto, you get your money in your account punctually every Wednesday. So your salary will be paid weekly.

Whether you get travel expenses with a job at Concreeto depends on your specific job. This is often listed in the job posting under the heading “What we offer. For some jobs, we provide transportation to and from your work location.

Sure if your job pays travel expenses? If so, please contact us.

Vacation pay is extra money that you accumulate, in addition to your salary, with hours worked. You often get paid this in May or June.

How many days off you have depends on the client or project you will be working for. Are you already our colleague and have questions about this? If so, please call or email your Concreeto contact!

You request a day off through our timekeeping system or by sending an email to

You must request vacation days at least 2 weeks in advance and other leave days at least 3 working days in advance. So we arrange days off in black and white. We call this written request. Only with our written agreement can you take the vacation or leave day off.

Are you sick? Then call the company where you work or your contact person no later than half an hour before the start of your workday. Second, you must notify Concreeto by 9:30 a.m., at 010-7200720.

When you are picked up by a Concreeto car or van, you also call the driver so that he or she is not at your front door for nothing. Do you have a morning shift? Then call the driver 30 minutes before the appointed pick-up time. On an evening shift, call the driver before 8 p.m.

Of course you will get a contract! As a colleague at Concreeto, you will work for one (or more) of our clients. After a period of good cooperation, you may be acquired by a client. That means you will be employed there and given a (permanent) contract.

You can contact us directly via email or phone.

010 – 72 00 720

Jobs at Concreeto

You can start working in construction by applying! Select at the vacancies on our website ‘Construction’ as Sector. For example, you could work at Concreeto as concrete carpenter,cable pullerof hoisting supervisor.

Logistician you will become by applying! Select at the vacancies on our website’Logistics’ as a Sector. For example, you can work at Concreeto as a driver on the truck or forklift, in the port of Rotterdam or as warehouse employee.

By applying! With a job in cleaning, you’ll make sure everything stays spick and span. Select at the vacancies on our website ‘Cleaning’ as Sector. For example, you could work at Concreeto as cleanerorindustrial cleaning.

You can start your technical job by applying! Specialist or all-round mechanic? We are looking for you! Select at the vacancies on our website ‘Engineering’ as a Sector. Your opportunities at Concreeto include working as service engineer, pump mechanicorproject manager.

You can get work in the industrial sector by applying! Search at the vacancies on our website for the word “Industry” in the job title. For example, you could work at Concreeto as electrician,area manager orindustrial cleaner.

An industrial cleaner cleans in the industry! Together with a team, you will ensure that buildings, ships, machinery, conveyors, tanks and pipelines are cleaned. You also remove trash and clean floors. For heavier work, use the pressure washer.

Know what you earn as an industrial cleaner? Then contact us!

Window cleaners clean windows, window frames and facades at various buildings. You’ll work outdoors, often standing on a ladder or in an aerial work platform as you clean the windows gleaming.

Know what you earn as a window cleaner? Then contact us!

Plumbers make sure water pipes are properly connected and not clogged. They hook up new pipes, fix leaks and prevent clogs with service calls.

Know what you earn as a plumber? Then contact us!

An all-round carpenter works on the repair and assembly of doors, floors, frames, ceilings and other (wooden) structures. You often work in construction.

Know what you earn as an all-around carpenter? Then contact us!

A concrete carpenter works in construction and makes concrete formwork, structures and tunnels. The liquid concrete is poured into the made wooden or steel structure.

Know what you earn as a concrete carpenter? Then contact us!

Roofers inspect, repair and renovate roofs and roofing materials. Work includes making and fastening roof battens, laying tiles and lead and zinc work.

Know what you earn as a roofer? Then contact us!

Cable pullers specialize in laying, assembling and testing fist-thick cables and pipes. Together with a team of enthusiastic colleagues, you will take care of the cabling of various systems.

Know what you earn as a cable puller? Then contact us!

A construction cleaner ensures that the construction site remains tidy and all processes can proceed safely. Daily duties include collecting and disposing of debris, small-scale demolition work, keeping the job site clean and stripping concrete.

Know what you earn as a construction cleanup worker? Then contact us!

Kitters seal seams and cracks with caulk or glue. Daily duties include masonry grouting, sealant expansion joints and bib joint sealing. This is how kitters prevent leaks, among other things.

Know what you earn as a kitter? Then contact us!

Earthworkers work with an excavator or shovel on earthworks when laying pipes, sewers and cables.

Want to know what you earn as a ground worker? Then contact us!

As a welder, you make sure sparks fly as you create perfect welds. Welders fuse multiple parts together using high temperatures and/or pressure. Concreeto has job openings for MIG-MAG and TIG welders.

Know what you earn as a welder? Then contact us!

As a CNC miller or metalworker, you enjoy making millimeter-accurate operations in various metals. Millers ensure that precise grooves, edges, slots and edges are made in metal sheet material.

Know what you earn as a milling worker? Then contact us!

Flange fitters assemble and disassemble flange connections of pipe fittings, valves, valves and other pipes. A flange is the flat ring at the end of a pipe or tube.

Know what you earn as a flange fitter? Then contact us!

An assembly technician, or assembly worker, turns different parts into one whole. Depending on your specific job, you will assemble and disassemble various structures, machines or other objects. You do this in a workshop or on an assembly line.

Know what you earn as an assembly technician? Then contact us!

Maintenance technicians prevent and correct malfunctions in plants and systems. Thanks to maintenance engineers, machines don’t jam. They also think along in smart long-term solutions.

Know what you earn as a maintenance engineer? Then contact us!

An electrician assembles, installs and disassembles electrical installations and systems. You will work on cabling, wiring and optimization of electrics. Exactly what you do as an electrician varies by field, project and specific job.

Want to know what you earn as an electrician? Then contact us!

Pump mechanics, also called hydraulic mechanics, design, maintain, repair and assemble hydraulic systems and actuators. These techniques are used to transport gas or liquids, among other things.

Know what you earn as a pump mechanic? Then contact us!

All-round mechanics maintain, repair and inspect various plant and systems, including hydraulic, mechanical and electronic machinery. You will work in a workshop or go out to customers. There you troubleshoot or perform installations.

Want to know what you earn as an all-round mechanic? Then contact us!

With this job, you will be responsible for final inspection as an inspector. You check that everything is assembled as it should be. As a controller or process operator, you perform calibrations and tick off checklists of requirements. An eye for detail is indispensable here!

Know what you earn as a quality controller? Then contact us!

As area leader, you will manage a group of (industrial) employees. Rayon leaders are responsible for safety and are the liaison between the customer, operational staff and the central organization. As a regional manager, you are therefore responsible for the management, operational coordination, results monitoring and administrative processing of your region.

Want to know what you earn as a rayon leader? Then contact us!

With a job as a C driver, you’ll be driving trucks! With a C or CE license, you drive road vehicles of 3.5 tons or heavier. You will transport goods from point A to B with a truck, tractor-trailer, tanker or dump truck, while also being responsible for loading and unloading, maintenance and goods inspection.

Want to know what you earn as a C driver or CE driver? Then contact us!

Warehousemen provide overview in the warehouse plus issue and intake of materials. This includes taking goods from suppliers, checking them and processing products in the warehouse, often using the forklift. In the warehouse, you can also work specifically as a forklift driver or order picker. Order pickers are responsible for properly picking and preparing items for shipment.

Know what you earn as a warehouse worker? Then contact us!

Forklift operators safely move materials and goods with the forklift within a warehouse or storage area. As a forklift driver, you check delivered goods and make sure they get to the right place.

Want to know what you earn as a forklift driver? Then contact us!

As a crane operator or shovel operator, you will work lifting, moving, loading and sorting various materials. In this you control and operate the crane you drive.

Want to know what you earn as a crane operator? Then contact us!

Terminal workers work in the port of Rotterdam. Here, as a terminal employee, you will make sure everything runs safely. You will be responsible for checking containers at the port. Applying pins will ensure that the containers are securely fixed.

Know what you earn as a terminal employee? Then contact us!

As a trailer mechanic, you will ensure that trailers are maintained or repaired in the workshop. You also detect malfunctions and perform quality checks.

Know what you earn as a trailer mechanic? Then contact us!

Planners in logistics make sure everything runs smoothly! As a transportation planner or fleet manager, you create clear driving schedules and ensure that drivers only have to do what they love most: drive! Here, you weigh priorities and interests (of clients and employees) and arrange all logistical matters, ensuring that your colleagues can get on their way safely and smoothly. In doing so, planners or managers create optimal fleet schedules and are responsible for maintenance and safety.

Want to know what you earn as a planner in logistics? Then contact us!

An administrative assistant supports, organizes, structures the administrative and sometimes logistical side of processes within a company. From order to invoicing, you will ensure the smooth running of work orders, necessary materials and all administrative work involved.

Know what you earn as an administrative assistant? Then contact us!

Cleaners clean up! They make sure you have shiny floors, neat wastebaskets and a tidy environment. Exactly what you do varies by specific job and client.

Field cleaners clean office buildings, stairwells, shopping centers or apartment buildings, for example. Thorough and proper cleaning is needed here! You may be working with a mop machine or other equipment in the process.

Want to know what you earn as a cleaner? Then contact us!

As a caretaker or hostess, you are responsible for the proper, daily running of a shopping center or other property and a positive experience for visitors. You are the face and point of contact for this place! Both companies performing work in and around the property and visitors can contact you with questions, complaints and comments. Other duties include cleaning, making minor (technical) repairs and checking security.

Want to know what you earn as a janitor or hostess? Then contact us!

Certificates and requirements

SCC stands for Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist Contractors. An SCC certificate is a diploma, which you get after a course and exam. This demonstrates your ability to work safely and healthily.

You can get an SCC certificate by enrolling in a course. At the end, you take an exam. Courses are taught on-site or via the Internet. Getting a SCC certificate can be done in as little as 1 day!

Need more info? We wrote a whole blog about the SCC-certificate!

A forklift certificate is a kind of diploma, which allows you to drive a forklift competently. This certificate is valid for 5 years. That’s how you can become a forklift driver.

You get forklift certification by taking a course or forklift training. This basic training often takes 2 days, but you can also get your certificate in 1 day if you are in a rush. In this course/training you will practice driving and operating the forklift, loading and unloading. You will also learn everything that is important in terms of safety.

Need more info? We wrote a whole blog about forklift certification!
pump mechanicorproject manager.

VVL stands for Safely Moving Loads. The VVL certificate is a type of diploma that is valid for 5 years. This shows you can safely and responsibly move goods and materials. This work often occurs in construction or industry.

You obtain a VVL certificate by attending a 1-day course. In this course you will learn all about different lifting equipment, safety, laws, regulations and requirements. Of course you practice too!

Would you like to get an VVL certificate or do you need it for your job? If so, please contact us. Concreeto is happy to help you with this.

The NEN 4400-1 seal of approval shows that Concreeto is a reliable employment agency. We have our business well taken care of. Both for our temporary workers and for the Dutch government.

NBBU stands for Nederlandse Bond van Bemiddelings- en Uitzendondernemingen. They keep a sharp eye on whether temporary workers earn enough, are treated well and whether other working conditions are good. Concreeto passed this assessment with flying colors. We are good partner and intermediary for temporary workers!

Peter, 39 years old

Concreeto found the job that really suits me.

home at concreeto

Housing immigrant workers with the help of Concreeto

Concreeto provides housing within the strict standards of the SNF seal of approval. We like to make our staff feel “at home” so they enjoy going to work every day. We like to give that same feeling to the environment where they live. Do you notice at any time that this feeling is not there or not enough, please contact us.

Hoogstraat 32 A
3011 PR Rotterdam

010 – 7200720