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We are Concreeto and we mediate talent in engineering, shipbuilding, cleaning and logistics. Getting everything right is a challenge, but we meet that challenge every day with our heads held high and full of energy. The creation of a relationship of trust with our partners and temporary workers is central to us, which is why we provide service and are loyal. This is how we conquer hearts and keep the Concreeto fire burning!


One-on-one, looking each other in the eye and seeing what is needed. Concreeto is in his blood and so he is always there, not only for our partners or temps, but also for his colleagues. Martin his ‘why’? Making sure that Concreeto is right every day!

van Rosse.

Pentha is a travel-minded Rotterdam native who enjoys a good book in addition to sports. She has studied Dutch law and specializes in the world of HR. Thus, she enjoys combining figuring out legal matters and working with people! She gives our candidates a chance to look at themselves in a different way, putting them in the right place.


Born and raised in Rotterdam. Nees is a soccer player and bon vivant at heart. With more than 10 years of experience in the staffing industry, Nees is a real force in Concreeto. Nees gets energy from tackling and completing projects independently, working creatively and achieving challenging goals.


A proud Capellenaar who always goes the extra mile and enjoys the diversity of cultures in the world. William is transparent, honest and valued member on our team. He makes it a sport to find the right match between our partners and temps.

in 't veld.

Bert is a very prompt and dedicated account manager who stands by his business. He is direct and results-oriented. He talks to directors as easily as he talks to a highly technical professional or drivers. Bert sees many opportunities in your resume to make a perfect match between you and a nice client. He works as quickly and accurately as his idols on the Formula 1 circuit. With him, you are in good hands.


The oil in the Concreeto engine, that’s how we can call Maria. She welcomes our guests with a smile and a helping hand, she is our sunshine in the house and also keeps our administration in order!

de reuver.

Carlo is a driven man, eager to put his vast experience as a professional soccer player to work for his candidates. He knows all too well how to achieve peak performance. He ensures that conditions are optimal for you as a selected candidate to perform at a high level. He is sociable, helpful and eager to learn so he knows exactly who you are and what you can do so he can make the perfect match. Currently, Carlo would like to go get his trainers degree. A true Concreeto team player who clearly understands what it takes to excel.


Hans has over 20 years of experience in finance and has been one of the driving forces of Concreeto for over 4 years. Hans is also an organist and composer! As in music, Hans is reliable in his work and you will not hear him play a false note!


Lennert is a true Dekker. Like his father, he has the drive to make sure Concreeto is right every day. Lennert does not shy away from any athletic challenge and ambition also runs through his blood professionally. As a recruiter, Lennert looks for the right match between employers and job seekers.


William is not our only Capellenaar…. Manuel also proudly bears that title! He is a sportsman and especially loves to play soccer. Besides sports, Manuel is a music lover and hard worker. With a lot of ambition, he is eager to help as many people as possible to find the right job.


You want the perfect job that’s right for you and you want that job fast, but you also want to be sure? We’ll take you through our process!

Peter, 39 years old

Concreeto found the job that really suits me.

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Housing immigrant workers with the help of Concreeto

Concreeto provides housing within the strict standards of the SNF seal of approval. We like to make our staff feel “at home” so they enjoy going to work every day. We like to give that same feeling to the environment where they live. Do you notice at any time that this feeling is not there or not enough, please contact us.

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