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Horticulture vacancies.

Concreeto’s roots may lie in the port of Rotterdam, but we have now also grown into a stable and reliable partner in the horticultural sector. We are happy to use our knowledge and experience to find the right match between horticultural company and temporary worker. Are you looking for a great job in horticulture? Then take a look at our vacancies below. As a horticultural company, would you like to discuss a collaboration with us? Please contact us for an introduction.

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    In a nutshell


    Working in horticulture

    The horticulture sector offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities for people who love plants and nature. Working in horticulture can be a rewarding choice, whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your career. In this text we will explore the world of horticulture, discuss the benefits of working in this sector and provide practical tips for applying for horticultural vacancies.

    What is horticulture?
    Horticulture includes the cultivation and management of plants, flowers, trees and vegetables. It is a vital sector that not only contributes to food production, but also provides aesthetic value in the form of beautiful gardens, parks and landscapes. The horticultural sector is constantly developing and offers various specializations, such as floriculture, horticultural technology, tree nursery, and more.

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    Peter, 39 years old

    Concreeto found the job that really suits me.

    home at concreeto

    Housing immigrant workers with the help of Concreeto

    Concreeto provides housing within the strict standards of the SNF seal of approval. We like to make our staff feel “at home” so they enjoy going to work every day. We like to give that same feeling to the environment where they live. Do you notice at any time that this feeling is not there or not enough, please contact us.

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