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A Concreeto succes story by Jessiegen Reddy

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We’re happy and proud to share a real Concreeto success story with you! Jessiegen Reddy and his family moved to the Netherlands because Jessiegen’s wife got a job over here. With loads of experience in the mechanical engineering field we helped Jessiegen get a job. Below you can read Jessiegen’s story, written by himself.


“My name is Jessiegen Reddy and I moved to The Netherlands with my wife and two kids in November 2021 due to my wife getting a job in the Netherlands. We arrived from South Africa and were greeted by the beautiful Autumn weather.

After a short settling in period, I started looking for work. I have 21 years of experience in the mechanical engineering field across many different industries, ranging from paper, cement to refinery experience. After I captured my CV on Werk.nl I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call within 3 days from Ina at Concreeto Uitzendbureau. I am English speaking but this was no problem at Concreeto. I was very fortunate to receive such good feedback, expertise and professionalism from Bert and Ina. The process thereafter was very systematic and successful from the interview with Concreeto to the opportunity and interview at the company.

Even after getting the position Bert and Ina have been very supportive even helping with the required training for the job. The staff at Concreeto are very knowledgeable and have been excellent throughout the whole process even assisting with general queries with regards to settling in. It looks like a great fit and I am looking forward to the next steps of this journey.”


After reading Jessiegen’s success story, would you also like to get started via Concreeto? Then contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job!

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