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A Concreeto success story: Anhelina Bohdan

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We are proud to share another Concreeto success story with you! Anhelina Bohdan fled with her mother to the Netherlands when the war started in Ukraine. She is one of the many Ukrainian refugees that Concreeto has helped find a job. Anhelina always goes to work with a smile on her face and has even received a permanent contract!


Before the war broke out in Ukraine, Anhelina had just graduated as a choreographer. She did not have an official job yet and was prepared to tackle anything in the Netherlands. Anhelina wanted to find a job as soon as possible to earn her own income. Unfortunately, she noticed that it was a problem for many companies that she did not speak Dutch. Therefore it was not so easy for her to get a job.



On the advice of acquaintances, Anhelina visited a Ukrainian house. Here refugees can get help with housing, pick out second-hand clothing and ask questions. Together with WSP Rijnmond a job fair was also organized. At this job fair, Anhelina filled out application forms for various agencies, including Concreeto’s.



A few weeks later we called Anhelina with the good news that we found her a job as a cleaner for one day a week. Although she was happy to hear something, she declined the offer. She found one day a week too little and decided to keep her chances open. Fortunately, we found the perfect job for Anhelina not long after!



Anhelina was able to work full-time at a distillery. She started her new job in July 2022. At the distillery, she labels liquor bottles and checks whether the caps are tight. She also puts the bottles in boxes. Anhelina likes her job and gets along with her colleagues very well. She works with people from different countries, which creates a good atmosphere. Now, more than half a year later, she has even received a permanent contract!

We are very proud and happy that we have helped Anhelina to find a job! Are you also looking for a new job? Contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is ready to help you find your dream job.

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