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5 Different jobs as a driver

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C, CE or driver VET… Among our vacancies there is regularly a job as a driver, with all sorts of letters and descriptions in the title. But what exactly is the difference between those jobs? We will explain it to you in this blog!

Job as a C driver

With a job as a C driver you drive trucks! Full-speed (but of course safely) you’ll drive through the Netherlands for the client and bring goods from point A to point B. As a C driver, you can drive road vehicles of 3.5 tons or heavier. For example, you can drive a truck, tractor with trailer or tanker. You are also responsible for loading and unloading, maintenance and goods control.

Job as a CE driver

Do you have a CE driving license? Then, just like a C driver, you can drive trucks of 3.5 tons or heavier. In addition, with a CE driving license you can also drive with an additional trailer up to 750 kg attached to your truck. As a CE driver, you can transport extra large and heavy objects. 

Job as a driver VET

In this job as a driver you need both a C driving license and some social skills! You drive a route and stop at various companies to pick up frying fat. Now that you’re there, it’s up to you to sell new frying oil to these companies or customers. This makes you an important link in the purchasing process. The collected frying fat is often processed into biodiesel. 

Job driving the concrete mixer

Do you enjoy concrete results? (Bad joke, we know) Then a job driving the concrete mixer is perfect for you. You transport concrete as a liquid cargo to various work or construction sites. Without the transport of concrete, construction comes to a standstill, so as a driver of the concrete mixer you have an important role. When you’re on the road you drive with a rotating drum full of cement or concrete. Knowledge and skills about driving such a heavy truck are very important for safe transport. At the construction site, you pour the concrete into the right place(s) with a discharge funnel. As the driver, you are also responsible for maintaining, checking and cleaning the drum.

Job as a hooklift / gantry driver

With this job you will attract attention! The truck you are driving has a large hook lift (crane). With this you empty waste containers, also called portal containers, at different locations. This is often done on behalf of the municipality. Your job includes loading, unloading and transportation. As a hooklift/gantry driver, you ensure a clean street and you are an important link in the recycling chain. For this job as a driver you need a driving license C.

Job as a driver at Concreeto

Would you rather be at the wheel of another or a smaller vehicle? At Concreeto we are looking for drivers who will take our colleagues to work and pick them up at the end of their shift. In addition, you can, for example, work as a driver on the forklift or as a crane operator. In all these professions, safety comes first!

Would you like more information about a job as a driver? Please contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job.

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