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Everything about leave of absence

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If you want a day off or book a holiday, you must request this of your employer in advance. But what exactly is a leave of absence? How many days off do you get? And what can you use them for? You will find the answers to all these questions here. 

What is a leave of absence?

A leave of absence is a day or period that you are absent from work. Holidays also fall under leave. The terms days off and holidays are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. This has to do with the difference between statutory and non-statutory leave days.

Statutory and extra-statutory leave

Statutory leave days are days off to which you are entitled by law. Everyone who has a job in the Netherlands, including those who work via an employment agency, has a number of days off based on the hours in their contract. These statutory days of leave are often used as vacation days.

Extra-statutory leave days are extra days off to which you are entitled as an employee or temporary worker. This type of leave is also referred to as special or extraordinary leave. Special leave is not laid down in law, but in your employment contract or in the collective labor agreement (the rules) of the company where you are employed. Examples of special, extra statutory leave are:

  • a wedding, funeral or other event in your family;
  • an appointment with the doctor or dentist;
  • a move (to another house).

How do I request a leave of absence?

Suppose you have to go to the doctor or would like to go on holiday. Then you must ask for these days off in advance. As a temporary worker at Concreeto, you must inform both us and the company you work for.

It is important that your application is in black and white. That’s why asking for days off over the phone is not the best idea. You may, however, always call your contact person to discuss days off before officially submitting your application.

  • Are you going on vacation? Request your days off at least 2 weeks in advance in writing via the time registration or via e-mail (info@concreeto.nl).
  • Do you have another reason for a day off? Request this in writing at least 1 week in advance via the time registration or via e-mail (info@concreeto.nl).

In all honesty, we all want to have an extra day off sometimes. But we must be strict. Leave without written agreement is leave without permission. In this case, salary payments will be stopped immediately. Therefore, clear communication is very important.

Note: Taking a leave of absence is not the same as calling in sick. Are you ill? Then you must generally report this no later than 30 minutes before you are picked up by the driver or before you are expected at your job. You must also inform your Concreeto contact person of this. Specific rules and agreements for your job can be found in your contract. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Do I get paid leave?

The days of leave to which you are entitled by law or under your contract will continue to be paid. As a temporary worker, you often accrue leave or vacation days with your hours worked. If you’ve accrued these hours you will continue to be paid for your days off. If not, then not.

Do you have a burning question about days off or leave? Then contact us! Concreeto is happy to help you.

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