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How to make a good resume

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With a nice resume, your application will most-likely make it to the top of the applications pile! So are you enthusiastic about a job opportunity? And do you want to create a strong resume easily? Use our resume tool. Of course we are happy to help you on your way with some additional information:

What is a resume?

A resume is a summary of your professional career, with additional useful and interesting personal information. A resume is often 1 or 2 pages long. You can list your work experience, diplomas and certificates.

What should be on a resume?

This is the most important question! You can find so many examples online that it’s easy to get confused. The parts below should in any case be on your resume. You can also find them in our resume tool.

  • Personal information
    Your name! Good to know, don’t you think?! Also your date of birth, and practical information, such as contact details, should be added to your resume. 
  • About you
    Briefly introduce yourself. What are you good at? What would you like to learn? This information indicates much more to an employer than a list of facts. Keep your self-description to a maximum of 5 sentences.
  • Educations
    List which (school) diplomas you have.
  • Work experience
    This is where you add your previous positions and employers. Briefly write down (in 1 or 2 sentences) what you did during each job.
  • Interests
    By adding your hobbies and interests to your resume, the future employer will get a better idea of who you are as a person.
  • Skills
    Are you great with Word, Excel and the other MS-Office programs? Or do certain systems and techniques have no secrets for you? Write them down under ‘Skills’.
  • Languages
    It can be a great advantage to an employer if you speak English, Dutch or another language well.
  • Certificates
    Have you completed a course and obtained a certificate? For instance, your VCA or a forklift certificate. List them here!

How do I create a resume?

You can easily create your resume online with the Concreeto resume tool! All of the elements above are included in this. All you have to do is fill in the form. Then click on ‘Download resume’. This way you will have a complete and presentable resume within a few minutes..

Additional tips for creating a resume

With these 3 tips you will stand out to  your new employer!

  • Keep it simple.
    Write in short sentences and understandable language. Also, don’t make your texts too long.
  • Put the most recent or relevant work experience at the top.
    This info is read first.
  • Check your spelling.
    Or ask someone with good language skills to read your resume before submitting it.

Time to get started. Click HERE for the Concreeto resume tool. You can create your own professional resume in just a few steps. Need some help? Please contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job.

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