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Working as a driver: Concreeto helps you on your way

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Are you happiest behind the wheel and do you love to cover a lot of miles? Then a job as a driver is made for you! From CE driver to C driver and from side loader driver to concrete mixer. To which position are you on your way? In this blog we have listed all the information you need.

Drivers Wanted!

At Concreeto we regularly have vacancies for a job as a driver. The titles contain all sorts of letters and descriptions. We can imagine that it is not always clear what is meant by this. What is for instance the difference between a C driver and a CE driver? In this blog you can read all about the different types of jobs as a driver.

What does a driver do?

As a truck driver, you transport goods from A to B. You hit the road for pleasant rides and deliver to friendly customers. The goods you transport vary depending on your client. This could be wood, concrete or frying fat. In addition to transporting goods, you are responsible for tasks such as loading and unloading, maintenance and safety.

Where does a driver work?

Your workplace as a driver? Your vehicle of course! If you start working for Concreeto, there is a good chance that you will be on the road in the Netherlands. You sleep at home every night. It could happen that an overnight stay is necessary, but this is always done in close consultation. You understand that it is sometimes necessary to work overtime. Due to traffic jams, road works or diversions, your working day can be longer than planned. As far as you are concerned this is all part of the job. 

How can I get started as a driver?

As a driver, no day is the same. It is important that you have a no-nonsense mentality and know how to get things done. You work independently and safety is always your top priority. Due to safety requirements, you may need to be able to speak Dutch for a job as a driver or, for example, have a valid VCA certificate. To get started, you always need a digital driver’s pass and the correct driver’s license. This depends on your vehicle and can be a C driver’s license or a CE driver’s license. Always with a Code 95 certificate.

Would you like to work as a driver? Take a look at our vacancies in the logistics sector and start working on your new job! Can’t find the perfect vacancy? Contact us and introduce yourself. At Concreeto we are happy to help you find your dream job!

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