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Topper of Concreeto: Florin

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Topper Florin



We are proud of our temporary workers! Therefore we’d like to show you who they are and what they do. In this second edition of ‘Topper of Concreeto’, Florin gives a glimpse into his life as a temporary worker at Concreeto. Florin is a shipbuilder by profession and introduces himself to you!

Seven years ago, Florin moved from Romania to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, he has been working for Concreeto for 3.5 years. In this video, Florin explains what he likes about his job as a shipbuilder. Interested in his story? Watch it in the video below:



Do you want to work through Concreeto, just like Florin? That’s possible! At Concreeto we employ talent in technology, cleaning, logistics, shipbuilding and horticulture. We always have more than 30 great vacancies on our website. From permanent to temporary and from part-time to full-time. View all our vacancies and find the vacancy that suits you best. You can easily apply by uploading your resume via the green button. Don’t you have a resume yet? You can easily create one with our CV tool!

Is there currently no suitable vacancy available for you or do you have another question? Please contact us and introduce yourself. At Concreeto we are happy to help you find your dream job.

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Housing immigrant workers with the help of Concreeto

Concreeto provides housing within the strict standards of the SNF seal of approval. We like to make our staff feel “at home” so they enjoy going to work every day. We like to give that same feeling to the environment where they live. Do you notice at any time that this feeling is not there or not enough, please contact us.

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