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Ramdath and his job as a concierge

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Are you curious about what it’s like to work as a concierge through Concreeto? Ramdath is happy to tell you more about it. He is currently a concierge in the Brazil shopping center in Amsterdam. Are you interested in his story? Then read on!


“Hi, my name is Ramdath Soechit, I am 63 years old and work as a concierge. Before this job, I didn’t do anything for a while. I ended up at Concreeto through my work coach from the UWV. Thanks to them, I received the best gift for my birthday two years ago; a new job!

As a concierge, I am responsible for cleaning and managing the passage and parking garage of the shopping center. I often work on weekends and in the evenings. My working day usually starts with an hour of cleaning. After this, I keep an eye on all security cameras, check for clogged gutters and leaks and ensure that there is no disturbance. At first, there were many young people hanging around in the evening, but by starting a conversation with them they went away. Since May we haven’t had any disturbances which makes me really proud.

I really like the work I do. I feel comfortable and enjoy answering visitors’ questions. Many visitors greet me and I often receive compliments that it looks clean.

I am very grateful that Concreeto has given me a job again. When things don’t go well, they always help me. It’s nice that you are really heard. In addition, I have always received my salary on time. For now, I will continue like this until I retire!”

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Would you like to work as a concierge through Concreeto? At Concreeto we always have several vacancies open. As a concierge, you are the eyes and ears of the shopping center. You are responsible for all maintenance services and ensure that the shopping center is clean and safe. Are you someone who knows how to get things done, can maintain an overview and has a great sense of responsibility? Then a job as a concierge is perfect for you!

Would you rather have another job? No problem either! At Concreeto we always have more than 30 vacancies open. View our vacancies page or contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job!

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