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Vanhulley helps Concreeto giving our advertising canvases a second life

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concreto geeft reclamedoeken tweede leven dankzij vanhulley



Concreeto looks beyond today. And so we value sustainability very highly. That’s where our path crossed that of Vanhulley. Our companies partnered up to give a second life to our old advertising canvases.

Concreeto’s anniversary

You may remember that Concreeto celebrated its 12.5-year anniversary in 2022. We packed out big. Among other things, we created large advertising banners to show on our trucks. A nice promotion – if we do say so ourselves – but now that our anniversary is behind us, we had to find a new destination for these banners. Of course, it would be a waste to immediately throw them away. And so we ended up at Vanhulley.

Vanhulley’s mission

Vanhulley gives residual textiles a second life by turning them into beautiful new products. But that’s not all. The makers of these products are women with a distance to the labor market, who get new opportunities in this process. In the Vanhulley workshop they gain work and learning experience to bridge this distance. Vanhulley’s a great company that, just like Concreeto, helps people get the best out of themselves and pursue their dreams.

Concreeto shopper bags

That’s why we asked Vanhulley to make beautiful new products from our advertising canvases as well. In this case, they became convenient Concreeto shoppers. We’ll hand out these sturdy bags to our partners, temps and colleagues. That way, our old canvases can live a long new life. Concreeto stands for ‘deeds, not words’, also when it comes to sustainability!

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