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Industrial cleaner Cristian enjoys his new life in the Netherlands

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Industrieel reiniger Cristian geniet van nieuw leven in Nederland



Concreeto helps many people to find a great new job. This was also the case for Cristian, who started working as an industrial cleaner in a nuclear power station at the beginning of this year. He explains why he left behind his life in Romania to take up this interesting job.

“Since January 2023, I’ve been working as an industrial cleaner at the Borssele Nuclear Power Station. My job is to keep the pipes and installations inside the plant clean so that everything keeps working properly. In addition, I pick up all kinds of other tasks. Why this job appealed to me? That’s simple: working in a nuclear power plant seemed very interestingto me. And a year later, it still is.”

“Until a year ago, I lived with my wife and my little daughter in Romania. I had a job as a veterinary assistant, but we didn’t have much money. That’s why I came to the Netherlands –initially on my own. For me, it wasn’t a problem that my new job here was very different from what I used to do back home. Everything was explained to me very well in my first weeks.”

“Concreeto also played an important role in this. When I first came here, they told to me all about the Netherlands and about working in this country. I still talk to Bert daily. He is the one who helped me get this job, as well as my first house here. Now we still often talk about my job, but also about how my family is doing. And of course, he is still there to help me whenever I have a question.”

“Meanwhile, I have found a house of my own, for me and my family. I liked my job at the nuclear power plant so much that they also moved to the Netherlands last summer. And thanks to Concreeto, my wife has now also found a nice job. We have a good time here and our plan is to stay in the Netherlands.”

Do you want to find a nice job as well?

Do you want to find a nice job just like Cristian? Then Concreeto would be happy to help you! You can always find plenty of vacancies on our website. Do you have any questions, or would you rather meet us first? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to help you!

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