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Frequently asked questions about VCA

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Do you want to work in the sectors of construction, technology, transport, cleaning, or industry? Then a valid VCA certificate is often a mandatory requirement. Do you not have this (yet)? Don’t worry, at Concreeto we will arrange this together with you. Of course, we understand that you have questions about this. So, let’s start at the beginning…

What exactly is VCA?

VCA is short for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors (SCC). It is a certification that shows that you as a colleague meet the requirements in the fields of safety, health and the environment while carrying out your work. The VCA certificate is intended for companies and employees that carry out work bearing an increased risk. For example, in the construction, chemical and industrial sectors.

If you have a VCA certificate – or you are willing to obtain one – you have a great advantage when it comes to applying for Concreeto’s vacancies. With this certificate you demonstrate that you can work safely and in a healthy way.

Why do I need a VCA for my job or task?

A VCA certificate demonstrates that you are able to avoid dangerous situations in the workplace. In the sector in which you work – or wish to work, accidents can easily happen. For example, what do you do if toxic substances are involved? How do you properly store power cables? And how do you guarantee the safety of others? With a VCA you know how to act safely in every situation.

Obtaining your VCA contributes to improving your working environment and reducing occupational accidents and health risks. This makes you a valuable candidate for both employees and clients.

How do I obtain my VCA?

VCA certificate can be obtained at different levels of competency, depending on your position and the associated responsibilities. The most common certificate for Concreeto vacancies is VCA Basic. VCA Basic is intended for operational employees, VCA Vol for managers and VCA VIL-VCU for intermediaries and managers of temporary employment organizations.

To obtain your VCA certificate, you take an exam at a recognized examination agency. The exam tests your knowledge of safety rules, procedures and regulations. After successfully completing the exam, you will receive your VCA certificate, which is valid for ten years in most cases.

Do I have to obtain my VCA Basic in Dutch?

No, this is not necessary. Our partner offers VCA Basic in Dutch, Hungarian and Turkish in a classroom setting. This course lasts one day (or divided into two half-days) and is given on location. In addition, it is possible to obtain your VCA Basic through self-study courses in German, English, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Italian, and Slovak.

To summarize, holding a VCA certificate is invaluable for you as an employment candidate. Have you seen a vacancy on our website where a VCA certification is required? Don’t worry, we will help you. Contact us and we will discuss the options for obtaining your VCA as quickly as possible.

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