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Ramdhani and his job as a cable puller

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At Concreeto we are proud of our temporary workers. That’s why we like to share who they are and what they do. In this blog, W.K. Ramdhani tells you about his work as a cable puller. Do you wonder what his job exactly entails? Then read on quickly!

LET’S Introduce

“Hello, I am W.K. Ramdhani. I would like to share my experience with Concreeto with you. I have been working for Dijka Kabel via Concreeto for about half a year now. Thanks to Concreeto I was able to improve my experience as a cable puller. I have also seen many different workplaces, such as Shell Botlek, Moerdijk, Europoort, Pernis, Maasvlakte, and many more. I even went to Zundert, where I really enjoyed working with my colleagues from Dijka Kabel.

I owe all this to Concreeto. You can always reach them, even at night when they are awake, haha. Thanks to Dijka Kabel I also obtained my certificate for the articulated boom lift. I’m having a great time and I will keep this up!”

Ramdhani aan het werk als kabeltrekker

Working as a cable puller

Ramdhani works as a cable puller via Concreeto. But what exactly does his job entail? As a cable puller you support the industry or work together with your colleagues on the construction site. You are specialized in the installation, assembly and testing of cables and pipes. This is generally physically demanding work. In this way there is no need to do a workout after your workday! You do not work in one fixed place, but move from project to project. This way the work remains nice and varied. Do you want to know more? You can read all about a job as a cable puller in this blog.

How to get started as a cable puller?

Would you like to work as a cable puller via Concreeto? Good news: we can always use someone! At Concreeto we have a permanent vacancy available. Get to work on great projects within the industry. Are you physically fit, a real go-getter and in possession of a valid VCA? Apply for the vacancy and start working on your new job.

Do you prefer another job? No problem! Contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job.

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Concreeto provides housing within the strict standards of the SNF seal of approval. We like to make our staff feel “at home” so they enjoy going to work every day. We like to give that same feeling to the environment where they live. Do you notice at any time that this feeling is not there or not enough, please contact us.

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