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Discover in which sector you prefer to work

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Are you looking for a new challenge, but are you unsure about which sector you would like to work in? At Concreeto we mediate talent in technology, shipbuilding, cleaning, logistics and horticulture. Five different sectors with all kinds of different work environments, vacancies and requirements. Discover which sector suits you best and get closer to your dream job.


The cleaning sector can be divided into two sections: regular cleaning and industrial cleaning. In regular cleaning, you go to work in shops, offices, healthcare institutions, sports clubs and schools. You provide a clean living environment, which ensures a safe and satisfied feeling. You are often at work in the early morning or in the afternoon when for many the working day is already over. As an industrial cleaner you will work in the port, petrochemical industry and the food industry. Here you play an important role in the clean and safe production of food and more. There are both part-time and full-time positions in the cleaning sector and you can often start without any experience. You will find all our vacancies in cleaning here.


The technology sector is incredibly broad. For example, you can work as a pipe fitter, service technician or welder. Each job requires different specialist knowledge. It is important that you perform your own tasks properly and efficiently. In addition, you think along with the company you work for and the challenges your customer faces. In every technological job, you need to have a solution for every problem. That makes a job in technology challenging and meaningful. To be able to work in the technology sector, you always need a safety certificate, a so-called VCA. Together with your colleagues, you ensure that working in technology is as safe as possible. Check out our vacancies in the technology sector.


The logistics sector includes everything in line from production to end user, from warehouses to shops, companies or individuals. You can work as a driver, courier or in a warehouse. All work in the logistics sector is accompanied by good agreements. Meeting those agreements is extremely important – if something goes wrong somewhere in the line, it means delays for the other parts of the line. So you have to be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure. Do you like to contribute to a bigger picture, do you keep to agreements and are you accurate? Then working in logistics is really something for you. Take a quick look at all our vacancies for logistics.


The horticultural sector is a powerful industry with many interesting career opportunities for people with a green thumb. The horticultural sector includes all activities related to the cultivation, care and harvesting of plants, flowers and vegetables. It is an important sector for producing food and developing new plants. The horticultural sector is constantly evolving and offers various specializations, such as floriculture, horticultural technology, tree nursery, and more. Curious about the different jobs? You will find all our horticultural vacancies here.


Nowadays you can compare the construction sector to a well-oiled machine. Many different parties work together in almost every branch of construction. Whether it concerns a large windy site with litter or an existing location that is being given new life from top to bottom, we can really use the contribution of people in the construction industry. Working in construction is intensive and you can get quite dirty. Just like in technology, you always need a VCA certificate in construction. It differs per job whether you need experience or specific training. Aren’t you afraid of different weather conditions, getting up early and working hard? Check out if we have any construction vacancies available. If not, you can check out all our available vacancies here.


Is there no suitable vacancy available for you at the moment? Or are you still not quite sure which sector suits you best after reading this blog? Check out all our available vacancies here or contact us and introduce yourself. Concreeto is happy to help you find your dream job!

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